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At Altia, we’ve been helping improve the management of a broad range of investigations, for the public and private sector, for almost 30 years.

As a long-standing and trusted partner for government, public and private sector intelligence organisations, our solutions and software have helped make many investigations more efficient and effective, while also meeting regulatory, evidentiary and legislative requirements. We’re also ISO 27001 certified.

We specialise in criminal and civil investigations, fraud and financial investigations, incident management and a variety of covert fields. Our solutions include digital casefile and business workflow management software, toolkits to analyse data in financial investigations and enterprise application software for covert operations.

Our clients include law enforcement agencies, government departments, regulatory authorities, tax authorities, and private sector organisations. And, with offices in the UK, Australia and Canada, we partner with our global clients to offer ongoing support so they can get the most from the latest developments in our specialist solutions and software.


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GreyList Trace Limited (GLT) is a UK-registered company that has developed and holds the rights to the GreyList Algorithm.

GLT’s technology has the ability to identify undesirable and toxic connections and to screen large volumes of data: either up-front to minimise fraud in application processes or after the event to help organisations prioritise scarce asset recovery resources.

Our GreyList Analytics division has capabilities that include working with clients to identify additional email addresses belonging to POIs; identifying the most likely banks and territories in which fraudsters hide their money; establishing patterns in data; identifying email factories commonly used by criminal gangs to perpetrate social security and other mass fraud; and delivering solutions that can eliminate or minimise fraud in the application process for loans, grants and financial assistance.


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Lifetime Achievement Award

Cifas is the UK’s fraud prevention community, we lead the fight against fraud by sharing data, intelligence and learning. Our community is drawn from all sectors who share their data to reduce instances of fraud and financial crime.

Our databases are the most comprehensive and diverse sources of fraud risk data in the UK. In 2021 over 360,000 cases of fraudulent conduct were recorded by our members – a new case on average every 90 seconds, resulting in over £1.3bn saved in prevented fraud losses.

We offer cutting edge fraud prevention tools, as well as providing accredited education and trusted training for organisations and individuals.

With every organisation that becomes a Cifas member we establish a tougher environment for criminals, meaning greater protection against fraud for businesses, individuals and the UK economy.


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